It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings - and it's live streamed
For those about to rock, and jazz, and jive, and jam, and spin... we salute you!
Team Promogogo

Hey Artists!

Your live-streams are definitely helping to soothe our separation anxiety from a good live show, so we want to start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU for helping to keep our spirits high.

We've been trying to locate literally every single one that's been happening, and it's actually kinda hard. We know it must be a huge bummer to set up a live-stream on Instagram and then have no one show up.

We were thinking, why not just promote your live-stream like any show? Set time in advance, we're going to be here for a while (as in stuck at home), and get your dates out there. Let people have time to get organized, and schedule in a time to see your quarantine-show.

Announce your set on more than just Instagram Stories, a platform that is as fun as it's poorly indexed. That means you're not reaching as many as you could be.

We've been working hard to collect any live events we can find so it's easier for the folks at home to find some source of relief, and it's actually pretty hard – not to mention most of them are scheduled as far in advance as: "later today" so every day we're back to scrambling to find what else is coming up.

Anyway, here are the shows we've found so far. Please send us any others you may have, or just add them yourself. (Of course it's free!)

In our defense

we were left unsupervised

We were all sent home to be socially distanced and safe from humanity. In retrospect it probably should have happened sooner.

As we deleted canceled events from our database we thought we might as well do something to help people get through this. So we turned off our subscription paywall and opened up for free listings of streamed events.

We don't care if it's Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, YouTube or whatever streaming mechanism there is. These events should be treated as events. And scheduled as events. And marketed as events.

So go for it. List your events (or events that you know about). We've created Live from Quarantine venues in various time zones and just pick the right one.

Pick a virtual venue